Q108 is always on the lookout for hard working, independent artists. 
                             Send us your music, bios & pics/logos.


Sending a huge thank you out to Randy Skaggs and Q108 for your amazing support of Indie music!
Q108 has grown monumentally over the last year, is an Official Member of Internet Radio Top Sites, licensed to play through SOCAN, huge supporter of the Pete Quaife Foundation, hosts numerous programs, artists spotlights and radio play 24/7 including music from Walk Off The Earth, Sage Rhoades and Veto, Jacques and the Giants, Zonay, Joe Symes, Seraphine, John Staples, Elliot Schneider, Marc Platt, John McCullagh & The Escorts, The Demon Rum, Joey Hubbard, League of Wolves, Rob Hegel, Goldwing and many more.

Thank you for saying this, dearest Sage!!! Randy Skaggs is amazing and Q108 is one of the most fabulous radio stations in the world. Like you I am so proud to be one of their featured artists...Thank you so much, Randy!!! You are also a big reason our album has been such a success, my dear friend. WE are still stunned and ecstatic that, "Heaven Is In Your Heart, Baby" reached NUMBER ONE on your amazing radio station, Q 108 RADIO!!


Thank you for adding my new single "Why Dont You Care" to your rotation!


Brother that was an amazing start to your show.I LOVE WHAT YOUR can we get a copy of the show to show all.amazing-your station is TOP NOTCH, and is number 1 in our eyes.thank you 


So, that podcast is very cool!!! During the live broadcast we only listened live to my part of the show but since you sent the podcast so quickly I just now played the whole thing for everyone and we really enjoyed the other folks you were featuring!! Thanks again and thank for making it so easy to keep on promoting my music and your show with the podcast!!


Great station for sure, with lots of great music and new indie artists being promoted, included myself. Thank you Randy Skaggs and Q108 for promoting my musical work :), You rock!!!


Happy to meet Randy and so pleased he has picked my 3 newest songs of 2016 to be aired in rotation on his show. If I Knew a Hero, Sense The World & Once Again. Thank you!


So very honored to be on Q108 Thanks so much Kingston, Ontario for the spins of our new release.

Thank you so much for
Your support !!! I really do appreciate it !!!


Howdy from Texas! Just wanted to give you a shout out & say thank you for spinning my original music and posting my video, "Believe It"! Thank goodness for Indie stations like you play up-and-coming artists music! You rock! 

                               ** WE ACCEPT: POP ROCK, ROCK, EDM, COUNTRY,                                                    COUNTRY ROCK, FOLK AND BLUES/JAZZ/SOUL.**
                                PLEASE NOTE:  AS MUCH AS WE LOVE THE MUSIC NO RAP, HIP-HOP,
                                                                   HEAVY METAL , THRASH OR GRUNGE

About The Station:

Q108 Kingston is an Online Mix/Variety Radio Station located east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada which attracts listeners across 50+ countries. The station’s programming format focuses on promoting original music created by emerging independent bands from Canada and around the globe. We also play older mainstream from the 50's to the 80's. Q108 Kingston is a major supporter of the local music scene supporting bands, venues, fundraisers and events. The Q108 Kingston live broadcast stream is available on their website and smart phone.

                                                                       TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR AIRPLAY 

PLEASE NOTE: by sending any material to Q108 Kingston, you acknowledge and/or consent to the following terms and conditions listed

I/We accept and agree as the submitting Artist/Band or Authorized Agent I am at least 18 years of age and to ONLY submit materials in
which I have ALL LEGAL RIGHTS, LICENSES, AND PERMISSIONS necessary to allow Q108 Kingston to display my materials on Q108

Q108 Kingston radio will not be held accountable for any misuse of music that contains “samples” that you choose to use in your music.
You agree to allow
Q108 Kingston to use your material in Promotions,  Live Broadcasts, Recorded Podcast & promotions at anytime to
promote the material of the Artist and/or
Q108 Kingston.
Please understand that
Q108 Kingston reserves the right to refuse any submissions for any number of reasons including poor quality
sound, outright vulgar or hate lyrical content, genre or other reasons.

Q108 Kingston reserves the right to air music at our discretion. We do not guarantee that your music will be aired nor do we guarantee the
frequency that it will be aired should it be accepted to the music rotation.

Q108 Kingston is an Independent Mix Genre Radio Station. It does not generate any funds and does not pay any fees or royalties for music
played on rotation. We play your music only by permission!
Q108 Kingston’s goal is to help promote artist & bands to gain global exposure
via airplay on
Q108 Kingston and Social Media.
If, at any time, your music becomes licensed, you must notify Q108 Kingston by email and it will be removed from rotation ASAP.

Artist/Bands:  I understand that Q108 Kingston shall not be liable or obligated for royalty payments for airplay, to (and not limited to) the
band represented in the submitted tracks, its agent, management, their authorized publishing agent or associated record label, for any
revenues due or any damages incurred by the undersigned party submitting music for airplay on
Q108 Kingston (
resulting from airplay of the tracks submitted, to include unauthorized submissions.

Q108 Kingston:   Will Not Sell/Distribute Artists Music, But Refer Listeners To Respective Artists To Purchase From Artists Website. 
Artist/Bands Retain Their Respective Copyrights.

Guidelines for submitting music:  PLEASE NOTE: Only submissions sent to: will be accepted. 

It is required that artists follow
Q108 Kingston on all social media sites and promote your music and the station. This is to get the BEST
possible exposure.

Requirements for submitting:

    Attach no more than 3 songs.

    More than 3 songs - please use free file transfer service such as WETRANSFER or DROPBOX.
    MP3 (Radio Edit) | 128K/196K/256K/320K bitrate. Anything less will not be accepted.  MASTERED!!
    Tag/Label music with -> Song title, Artist, Album name & Artwork, Genre & Year. (See examples below)
    Your music must be a single version not to exceed 7 minutes in length, unless pre-approved.
    Covers or Remixes are subject to approval.
    No live recordings unless high quality and pre-approved.

Please allow ample time for your music to be reviewed as we receive a large amount of submissions daily along with other station responsibilities. Bands/Artist ACCEPTED for daily rotation WILL receive an EMAIL from Q108 Kingston.  Once accepted PLEASE send out social media posts and let your fans now they can know hear your music on Q108 Kingston and please tag us.   

Things NOT to do:
1) DO NOT repeatedly call or email the station about playing your music.
2) DO NOT forget to include all of your information, especially the meta tags (see picture below).
4) DO NOT call/email everyday to see if we have received your music.
5) DO NOT get frustrated...again we are extremely busy and will contact you if we need to.


BMIT FORM doc.docx ​​

     PLEASE NOTE: mp3's not properly tagged as in the image below will be rejected. 

Please attach submit form or copy and paste with music and email to:
Note: Only one SUBMIT FORM is required. You do not have to send another on any future submissions.


                  (click to enlarge)

(click image below to enlarge)